Hi! I'm Julie

 I’m a lover of life and a good slice of pizza. I’m a sucker for sunrises and sunsets alike. I’m a single mom of three... and it’s safe to say they have already taught me more than I’ll ever be able to teach them. I’m an early riser and a total bookworm.


I'm no stranger to challenges and hardships. The death of my brother, deep financial troubles, divorce, single motherhood... I've learned to use all these seemingly devastating events as fuel for growth and wisdom. 


But it wasn't always this way. Because of the events in my early life, I learned to fear change and novelty. And to seek control as a means of coping with what I saw as a threatening world. 


I got used to seeking comfort and certainty, so much so that I stopped thriving. I lived in my little world seemingly “happy,” except when I would get that nagging feeling that something was… off.

It's all about self-awareness and balance.

In both coaching and yoga, the goal is to have my clients truly understand themselves and use this path of awareness to find balance.

The perfect meeting of the two is where the magic happens.

(And I love magic!)

How Can I Help?

My mission is to guide you towards expansion and wellness.
Whether you're struggling with situations in your life or looking to incorporate healthier habits into your day, I offer just what you need.




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