It took me some time to understand and truly embrace the power of yoga. But once I found it, it was pure magic.

This practice has taught me to connect breath and movement to achieve a sense of oneness. It’s so ingrained in my life that it goes well beyond the practice on the mat.

Throughout these years I’ve learned about my body through increased self-awareness. I’ve learned to honor it and listen to what it says to me. (This was a hard one for me!) I’ve learned about my mind even more. I’ve discovered my desires, my strengths, my shortcomings, my triggers…

I’ve learned the art of self-acceptance; a truly never-ending practice. I’ve learned a great deal about my environment and how I relate to it. I’ve learned the real meaning of the word “namaste” and use it to decipher everything around me.

While I love practicing yoga, there are few things that make me happier than teaching it. I find the opportunity to lead others into a journey within to be oh-so exciting. Whether it’s a tear, a laugh, a gasp; I absolutely LOVE witnessing others move their energy and emotions and end up in a place of joy and gratitude.


Karen H.
Julie was a total sweetheart. Very experienced and professional but also came across as a cool lady and was super cute. Accommodated my bachelorette group very well. Thanks for everything!


Tori R.
Julie was amazing! We did a bachelorette beach yoga session and had the best time. She was very accommodating and taught the class to our ability levels! I would highly recommend a class with Julie!


Alexandra G.
Julie was awesome! We had her come for a private yoga session for a bachelorette party in Fort Lauderdale and she curated the perfect class. It was challenging yet doable and we all had a great time! I would definitely recommend her if you are in the area.


Who I Help

Individuals facing challenges in their relationships, both to others and to themselves. Those who have had enough of their own stories and are ready to make massive shifts in their lives.  

How I Do It

Part science, part woo-woo... I blend different modalities to guide clients towards a new level of self-awareness. As we explore the inner world, we facilitate change in the outer world. 

How You Win

Understanding yourself, and why you do what you do. Clarity towards the pursuit of your goals. More balance, less anxiety. Living a more meaningful life as it starts to make sense.