Priyā: प्रिया Sanskrit for "dear" or "beloved"
Yoga: योग Sanskrit for "yoke" or "union"

Priya Yoga is a signature yoga session focused on couples. 

With a unique combination of asana (poses), breathwork and connecting practices, this experience deepens intimacy, rekindles the flame, and evokes gratitude for your partner.

Asana (Poses)

Focused on Anahata, the heart chakra. This is the fourth energy center in our bodies, in charge of love for ourselves and others. Explore the divinity of love through heart openers and backbends. 


The way we breathe has a direct impact on our thoughts and emotions. Regulate the nervous system, break down walls and find deeper intimacy through conscious breathwork together. 

Couples Kit

Your session includes a kit to be used during and after the practice. With specific items meant to enhance the experience, this will capture your senses and bring you closer to your partner. 

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