They say curiosity killed the cat. I say curiosity allowed said cat to expand itself, even if it got killed.

As soon as we get complacent, that’s when we die.

Life is about consistently growing. Once we stop being curious enough to seek growth, life can become uninspiring and boring. 

 Here’s the problem we may encounter with growth, though: It can be difficult. Scary. Messy. Overwhelming. All those things…

That’s when a coach steps in. To challenge you. To ask questions. To invite you to explore other possibilities. To cut the cords. To place a mirror in front of you and have you take a long look at yourself. All with the intention of shifting perceptions and beliefs that aren’t necessarily serving you. 

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing inherently “wrong” with you. I’m not here to make you wrong for where you are or the choices you’ve made. Those have certainly served you. But if you’re not where you aspire to be, then those choices have become obsolete.

So here I am: Taking what I’ve learned through theory, adding what I’ve lived through experience and creating a framework to help others empower themselves and leave behind what’s become too heavy to carry. 


Today, my heart explodes with gratitude as I work with people of all walks of life who are in need of support and understanding of themselves and their current situations. 


Client after client, I’ve had the privilege of guiding people towards new perceptions and the intentional creation of new thoughts.

"We learn our belief systems as very little children, and then we move through life creating experiences to match our beliefs."

- Louise L. Hay

​There's where you are now...
And there's where you dream to be.
The space between those two is filled with tons of disempowering beliefs.

Many of these, you may not even be aware of. Which is why having a resource —like a coach— to help you decipher them is a game changer.

Who I Help


Individuals facing challenges in their relationships, both to others and to themselves. Those who have had enough of their own stories and are ready to make massive shifts in their lives.  

How I Do It


Part science, part woo-woo... I blend different modalities to guide clients towards a new level of self-awareness. As we explore the inner world, we facilitate change in the outer world. 

What's In It For You


Understanding yourself, and why you do what you do. Clarity towards the pursuit of your goals. More balance, less anxiety. Living a more meaningful life as it starts to make sense.